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Project Description
Import from Spreadsheet is a tool developed for MOSS x86 and x64 platform allowing mapping fields and import data into SharePoint lists.

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By default SharePoint will provide us an option to edit in spreadsheet or download list items in spread sheet. But, it doesn't have an option to import the excel data to SharePoint list. When we have data in excel format and want to import that data to a sharepoint list, then how to do. That is why we took it as a challenge and implemented this.

And second reason is, this feature has a nice and wonderful feature of column mapping. You can manually choose column to column mapping, so that the column names not needed to be exactly same. This is one of the best option in this feature.

This feature works for both SharePoint and WSS.

The installation is simple and it is using the codeplex sharepoint installer package to install the feature. As it is developed as a SharePoint feature, you can get this feature associated with each list under the actions tab once you have activated it. You can call this feature by going to specific SharePoint list, under actions menu item and just click on the feature name. Then it will take to a page which has a nice user interface to upload an excel, then choose specific sheet and then map the fields as you want.

This feature is now available for both 32 and 64 bit architectures. (New released 1.5 Version is for x64 bit). Please make sure the data connectivity Office Driver is installed on the server.

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